Sunday programs*                           


10:30 AM   -    Invocation (Invoking deties through chnating vedic mantras)

11:00 AM   -    Bhajans (devotional songs, mantra/Kirtan/slokas chanted)             

11:30 AM  -     Spiritual speeches

11:45 AM  -     President's announcement

11:50 AM -     Chanting Gayatri and other mantras (vedic chants)

11:55 AM  -    Dhun (a type of devotional chantings)

12:00 Noon - Silent Bhog (Naivedyam) followed by Aarati (enlighting deties by offering lamps, wicks soaked in ghee/camphor, and get blessed)

12:10 Noon - Mantra puspham (a mantra from Yajur veda reciting by priest to praise/explain how water is the basis of this universe)

12:20 Noon - Prasadam (distributing fruits containing blessings and power of deities to devotees)



* These programs are tentative, and are subjected to change as needed