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Hindu Temple Bereavement Support

We all know that death is unavoidable. One who takes birth must die. It is the one event that every one of us will have to face. Yet, when a death occurs in our family, we find ourselves shattered, stressed, overwhelmed by grief and a sense of irreplaceable personal loss. At this time of utter grief the family is also required to make many decisions and choices with respect to the funeral and cremation arrangements, performance of religious rites, and meeting statutory requirements within the prescribed time frame. Thus, many of us in the Hindu community feel overwhelmed, confused and experience much uncertainty because the religio-cultural network-support available to us in India is not available in this adopted land. Consequently some Hindu families in Saskatchewan have undergone a great amount of stress and strain as a result of a death in their family.

In light of these experiences the Hindu Samaj of Southern Saskatchewan in Regina has negotiated a Hindu cremation and funeral service package, with local funeral homes.

Funeral and Cremation Services

Arrangements have been negotiated with two local funeral homes - Regina Funeral Home and Victoria Avenue Funeral Home to provide Hindu funeral and/or cremation services. Simplicity and dignity characterize the negotiated package. The services are simple and affordable by all. It is also flexible and could be modified should a family so desire. They also allow for the diversity of practices that prevail in the Hindu communities. Please note that the funeral homes require a duly completed vital information form appearing at the end of this brochure.

Bereavement support

In addition to the above services, the Hindu Samaj has also set up bereavement support for Hindu families to assist in:

  • Making funeral and cremation arrangements by acting as a liaison person between the family and one of &e funeral homes noted above. [The family may also directly get in touch with one of the two funeral homes and ask for the Hindu Temple's standard funeral package.]
  • Organizing a Shanti Path in the Hindu temple.
  • Helping family in any other way possible as per their request.
  • Hindu religion recommends certain rites when death is imminent. When a loved one is near death, you may call the temple priest.
  • The rites at the cremation can be performed by the temple priest or Dinesh Kashyap or any other person of your choice.

How to obtain bereavement support

  • In case, your loved one has passed away, call any member of the Hindu Temple bereavement support group for assistance. The names and phone numbers of the support group members are listed below.
  • Bereavement support will be provided only when specifically requested. You may call any one of the persons listed below.
  • Lawful decision-maker (Survivor) will have to make needed decisions and choices. The member of the support group will simply provide information and facilitate the execution of decisions and choices.
  • Completed Vital Information Form (below) is required by the funeral home not only for their services but also for their obtaining necessary death and cremation certifications.
  • The funeral home director will assist in completing applications for provincial (including social services department) and federal assistance if the family qualifies.
  • Lawful decision-maker or the family needs to look into the important documents and tasks listed below, when the cremation and Shanti Path are over.

Please note

Important Documents the Family will need

The family should know where the following documents/information of the deceased are kept:

  1. Last Will and testament
  2. Deceased's attorney, executor (s) name(s) and contact information
  3. Birth certificate or proof of birth date
  4. Marriage certificate or proof of marriage
  5. Citizenship information/Certificate.
  6. Life Insurance papers, Bank accounts and account numbers
  7. Information related to other investments
  8. Income-tax return for previous year.
  9. Information on property, mortgage etc
  10. Access Bank Safety Deposit box, if any, and arrange for a reading of the Last Will in the presence of appropriate persons.
  11. Filing notification of death and claims for death benefits from Life insurance, Employer Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canadian Automobile Association, Professional Association or Union, etc., depending upon eligibility.
  12. Transfer title, mortgage and the insurance of property as per the Will of the deceased or to surviving owner.
  13. Change Car registration within 14 working days, if in the name of the deceased.
  14. Contact Credit Card Companies to cancel the cards issued in the name of the deceased.
  15. Change the banking arrangement (if in joint name).
  16. Income-Tax returns to be filed for the deceased by the lawful decision-maker/survivor or executor.

Important Tasks Survivor (s) need to do:

Regina Hindu Temple Bereavement Support Group

Pundit Khem Prasad Nepal

Lakkavally Chandramohan                                          789-6013

Dinesh Kashyap                                                           779-1231

Ashok Goyal                                                                525-1005

Krishan Kapila (Chair)                                                 789-6759

Rajula Pandya                                                              522-5290

Anjana Kaushal                                                                       789-8522

You may call Hindu Temple, Pasqua Street, Regina      585-1466

NOTE: Updates and elaboration of the information contained here as well as a FAQ are posted on our Hindu Temple web site http://www.reginahindutemple.ca

  • Note that the death of a Canadian Citizen in a foreign jurisdiction is subject to the statutory provisions of that location. The Canadian embassy or consulate in that country can assist in whatever way they can for special requests.
  • Also note that there are Canadian funeral companies that sell repatriation insurance and will repatriate a body back to Canada.
  • Please direct any suggestions or questions you may have to Mr. Krishan Kapila or the president of Hindu Samaj.

Asthi Visarjan Program


Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh & Veerpur operates a helpful program called Asthi Visarjan.

Please contact Dr. Alkaji at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Phone # 0135-2440077.

You may also contact Nandini at 0135-2440011 for more information.

It is suggested that the ashes are taken to Rishikesh by the member of the bereaving family or by a person representing the family.

More contact information

Parmarth Niketan Ashram

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception office: 91135243301 or 91135243302

Fax      0135-244-0066

For information in Canada:


Taraji @



Vital Information Form for the deceased

Required by Funeral Homes

(Fill and keep for easy access to family members or next of kin)

Full Name                   ----------------------------------------------------------------

Complete Address      ----------------------------------------------------------------

Resident of City & Country since                  -------------------------------------------

Citizen of which country                    ------------------------------------------------------           

Saskatchewan Health Card Number   -------------------------------------------

Social Insurance Number                    -------------------------------------------

Date of Birth/Place of Birth/Occupation        ------------------------------------------

Employer                    -----------------------------------------------------------------

Years employed                      -----------------------------------------------------------------

Marital Status                         -----------------------------------------------------------------

Maiden Name                         ----------------------------------------------------------------

Name of spouse          ----------------------------------------------------------------

Father's Name             ---------------------------------------------------------------

His place of Birth       ---------------------------------------------------------------

Mother's Maiden Name          ------------------------------------------------------

Her place of birth                    ------------------------------------------------------

Next of kin other than spouse,           ---------------------------------------------

Relationship & Telephone # (Optional)         ------------------------------------

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