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 About Pandit Khem Nepal

Pandit Dr. Khem Nepal joined the Regina Hindu Temple since 2010 and has been providing spiritual and religious services to all Hindu communities in Saskatchewan.

Pandit Nepal holds Ph.D in Comparative Philosophy (Sanskrit) in 1998 from Banaras Hindu University, India and M.A. in Nepali Literature in 2000 from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He also earned Acharya (M.A.) in Sanskrit in 1995 from Sanskrit University Varanasi, India

Pandit Nepal is famous for performing authentic rituals as per the Vedas and holy books. He is very knowledgeous to explain the meaning of the rituals and why they are being performed in a specific manner. In addition to the various religious services, he is known for reciting prayers, provide inspirational lectures on festivals and religious holidays, perform all other religious rituals or related duties, teaches Sanskrit Language, Vedic Hindu religion, Bhagwad Gita and other spiritual knowledge.

Any one needing priest services may contact Pandit Khem Nepal at 306-586-9517